An Era of Change. A day to reflect and reset.

Friday 01 September 2023
Hordern Pavilion & Entertainment Quarter

This years theme is Tipping Point

A time
at which a decisive change occurs.
A moment of
change. An era
of evolution.

As the momentum of change carries us forward to a point of no return, what will send us tipping over into the creation of a new world? And how can we reimagine our cities, evolve how we work, do politics, protect our health, and re-construct our economic systems to be fit for the purpose of a new era?

a moment of change. an era of evolution

What we are about

proudly showcases australian ideas,
and innovation
to the rest of
the world.

Talks, performances, films, and experiences delve into important cultural and social issues, providing insight and inspiration to all attendees. Join TEDxSydney and be inspired to drive change.

Jess Hitchcock
Tony Rinaudo
Dana Tomić Hughes
Stephen Hunt
Elsa Dominish
Emma Maye Gibson
Keiynan Lonsdale
Barry Palte
Liesl Yearsley
Joseph Couch
Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts
Bill Edgar
Maria Thattil
Dr Seyedali Mirjalili
Andrew Nunn
Arielle Gamble
Feras Shaheen
Talal Yassine
Sarah Cannard
Joshua Ismin
Ross Harding
Emma Myers

Talks. Performances. Films. Activations.

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