An Era Of Change

A Day To Reflect And Reset

Friday 01 September 2023
Hordern Pavillon & Entertainment Quarter

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A time at which a decisive change occurs, especially one with beneficial results.
A moment of change.
An era of evolution.

Pressure is building. With each consecutive crisis building on the last — fire, flood, pandemic, invasion and inflation — the world as we know it is beginning to buckle. We are living in a time of rapid, critical and complex change, but under great pressure comes an opportunity for greatness. As the momentum of change carries us forward to a point of no return, what will send us tipping over into the creation of a new world? And how can we reimagine our cities, evolve how we work, do politics, protect our health, and re-construct our economic systems to be fit for the purpose of a new era?

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Friday 01 September 2023

Hordern Pavillon & Entertainment Quarter

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This year's program explores a moment of decisive change and an era of evolution across cultural, social, and economic topics. Talks, performances, films, and experiences delve into important cultural and social issues, providing insight and inspiration to all attendees. Join TEDxSydney and be inspired to drive change.