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The world is full of rejects. Good & Fugly rescues them and gives each one a home… your home.

25% of all produce grown in Australia never leaves the farm because it isn’t pretty enough for supermarkets. Their unrealistic cosmetic standards are so high that fresh produce is rejected for being slightly different in colour, shape, or size, and is sent to rot in landfill.

In Australia, we waste 7.6 million tonnes of food each year, of which 70% is perfectly edible. Good & Fugly is a social enterprise dedicated to fighting food waste by delivering delicious, imperfect Fugly fruit and veg fresh from the farm to your door. And our boxes arrive 100% plastic-free via carbon-neutral shipping, so you can be confident that every time you eat Fugly, you’re doing good. Join us on our mission to make saving the planet affordable, convenient, and delicious.