Writer & Director

Emma Myers is a screenwriter, actor and journalist with cerebral palsy based in Newcastle, NSW. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and 1st Class Honours degree on the representation of women, disability and intimacy in contemporary culture.

Emma is passionate about educating audiences about the intersection of womanhood, sexuality and disability through the medium of screen.

The critically acclaimed 2022 SBS Digital Originals’ series Latecomers, which Emma co created and wrote, gained a Series Mania nomination and won a SPA Award as well as the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Award in 2023. She is one of this year’s recipients of Screenworks Inside The Writers Room program, as well as one of the representatives recently chosen to serve on Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Task Force during 2023 to 2025. Emma was also the recipient of the ABC Regional Storyteller Scholarship in 2020 and has two years experience working as a Features Reporter for ABC News.