Social Impact Investor

Barry is passionate about the health of our Planet and Humanity. He is a global investor in innovation and great teams, and a super connector with powerful global networks of like-minded people. His philanthropic work includes assisting Aboriginal communities in Australia.

His investment focus is particularly in deep technology in food / agriculture, health / wellness, circular economy and AI. He has been a global judge in the Extreme Tech Challenge and the UN World Food Forum’s Innovation Awards.

He was previously Global Chairman of a network of licensed investment banks with member firms in USA, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Japan, India, Brazil, China and Australia and has been an invited speaker at events in Davos around the World Economic Forum.

His professional training includes advanced mathematics and finance, and he has been educated in science by the great inventors he has worked with. He is a dedicated yogi, meditator and dancer.
His childhood included growing up in a Civil War and he is passionate about building bridges and changing the way capital is allocated globally to incorporate innovation, sustainability, heart and soul.