Creative Engineer

Equal parts trouble maker, technical mind, and artist, Harding is one of the most enthusiastic, optimistic and cheeky engineers you’ve ever met.

A rare combination of dreamer and schemer: he thinks big picture about transforming cities around the world to become completely self-sufficient. At the same time working tirelessly with his team at Finding Infinity to actually make it happen.

Operating across a range of scales from city-wide master planning to precincts, building design, and even temporary events, Finding Infinity are doing their best at turning dreams into reality.

Short for finding a future based on infinite resources, Finding Infinity is a creative and technical environmental consultancy. His team of 10 unique characters based in Melbourne consist of architects, engineers, artists, urban agriculture specialists and more.

Best known for “A New Normal”: a $100 billion strategy to transform Melbourne into a self-sufficient city together with 15 architecture firms. Conceptualised and initiated in his living room in Fitzroy, A New Normal now has over $200 million worth of live projects spread across Melbourne. Each project delivers profitable examples with the private sector, engages with the general public in a colourful way, and is specifically designed to inform much needed policy.